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Larry Madowo Poses Whilst Seductively Holding Naked Female Statue, Kenyans React.


larryLocal TV news anchor and Daily nation columnist, one Larry Madowo has got zero chills as it seems from a Facebook post he posted early yesterday responding to Kenyans trolling on him for posing with a naked female statue in Stockholm city Sweden early this week.

Larry, who is known for his lingo prowess and love for fine things including fancy destinations found himself on the receiving end on Wednesday morning after a section of his fans on Facebook expressed their disappointment in him after he posted a photo thought to be immoral on his official and verified Facebook page.

A good number attacked him for stooping to low and therefore ceasing to be the “role model” they have been looking up to.

Unexpectedly, Larry had not taken any chill pills then and his response was something similar to what Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika told parents when trolled for promoting immorality when so many young people looked up to them.

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According to the eloquent and vibrant anchor, people should find real ROLE MODELS who have actual accomplishments  elsewhere let him be;

“I hear that I’m no longer a role model because I posted this fun picture with a statue outside the Stockholm City Hall. I’m surprised by that. When was I ever a role model? All I’ve done with my life is read aloud on TV, that is hardly an achievement! Please find role models who have actual accomplishments. If a tongue-in-cheek photo with an inanimate object offends you and is too immoral for your good religious upbringing, this is not the page for you. Pull out the sharp object sticking out from your backside and have a nice day .”

Well, you might have missed it out, check out the cause of all that social media mayhem below and the actual reactions from a number of his fans below;

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