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Larry Madowo Reveals Insults Told by KOT Over Controversial Raila Odinga Tweet

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Larry_Madowo._571So after the former Prime Minister announced his euro bond suspects,NTV’s ‘The Trend’ host Larry Madowo has found himself on the receiving end over a tweet that blasted Raila Odinga over his Eurobond list.

“Show of hands, who else was expecting an explosive list from Raila Odinga and all we got was nothing more than a fart?” Madowo’s tweet read.

  “I was insulted in every way possible by thousands on social media and there were more than a few credible threats to my life which I will be reporting to the police. Several people even promised physical violence should I show up at certain places. I was accused of having been paid by Jubilee to tarnish the name of “Baba”.  Larry wrote in a worrying tweet.

All this drama started  when Larry expressed his two sides of the coins regarding  CORD leader Raila Odinga’s expose of the people suspected to be involved in the alleged Eurobond scandal.

However,things ended up ugly as the eloquent TV presenter and anchor was misquoted and understood at the same time.

  “Show of hands, who else was expecting explosive list from RailaOdingaand all we got was nothing more than a fart?” read another igniting tweet from Larry.

It is this particular tweet that saw a number of cord supporters ambushing and trolling on Larry badly

 “I did not abuse him and I greatly respect the statesman for all he has done for Kenya. But the outrage machine kicked in without understanding the metaphor and I was eviscerated….A new round of insults followed. Posts appeared claiming I was a product of rape, I had changed my name after high school, was a preacher at a church, was engaged to a Kikuyu girl, was gay and was raised in an orphanage, all completely false.” The journalist highlighted.



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