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Larry Madowo Reveals Truth About Betty Kyalo And Dennis Okari’s Marriage State


betty-kyallo-Okari-e1447229112892Social media can be both constructive and destructive. However,seems the latter is more of what social media can. It can get so ugly as personal relationships can be spoilt.

It is the above regard that i’d blame social media for enhancing the spread of  malicious rumors about Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo.

The couple’s names and divorce rumors news  had for the past month dominated all section of the media,especially on blogosphere.

The rumor claimed that the marriage between the two had failed barely six months after their mega fairy tale wedding. It also claimed that Betty had moved out of their matrimonial home due to “irreconcilable differences ” and had rented  an apartment in a poshy estate,something that Larry Madowo begs to object.

According to the eloquent anchor,Betty and Dennis Okari are so much together and sleeping under the same roof contrary to rumors.

“It is the same weekend that attention returned to TV reporters Betty Kyalo’s and Dennis Okari’s union, supposedly on its death bed. The schadenfreude was among the worst I have seen for a group that has made happiness at someone else’s misfortune a national sport.The speculation hit fever pitch even though the couple has not publicly commented on their union and still live together. In the brave new world of social media, a lie repeated enough times becomes a fact, however far from the truth it might be,” stated Larry Madowo his Daily Nation column.

Larry’s sentiments might be true. But why him?? Why is he the one to clear the rumor when the two subjects have maintained silence all through??