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Larry Madowo In Trouble

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larryIf there were awards for media personalities who have kept tongues wagging and bloggers relevant then Larry Madowo would take it hands down. This NTV journalist seems to attract trouble with every dawn. A few months ago Larry  ran a story that painted a famous blogger Cyprian nyakundi in bad light as an extortonist after an audio clip supposedly exposing dirty dealings in the Vimal Sha’s Bidco Company surfaced with Cyprian apparently being bribed to kill the story.


Cyprian Nyakundi took on Larry with the allegations he made on his controversial Front Row column in the Daily Nation, demanding an apology and withdrawal of the statement. Typical of Larry however, he beat his chest saying the cheap blogger had nothing on him and if he contemplated suing him he might have wanted to take a loan for he wouldn’t afford the legal process.

Well, fortunes seems to have changed and Cyprian is having the last laugh after yet another clip surfaced  with the PR Head for Vimal apologizing to the contact blogger and Xtiandela for having manipulated the audio leaked with malicious intentions. Rumours had it that Bidco are behind Madowo’s high flighying flashy lawyer Donald Kipkorir but with tables overturned the question now is how far the sponsorship will go if there is any truth to it.

Larry who has upto now failed to prove his allegations risks jail time especially becasue he has been snubbing court orders that forbid him to engage on a matter that is before the courts prompting Cyprian to file a complaint on contempt of court against him.

The High Court has today ruled in favour of Nyakundi with Madowo now facing the  possibility of being jailed or hefty fines for defaming the blogger.The case is set to be heard on the 16 Dec 2016.

#KOT were not left behind in the drama as they went  ham on the ego centric journalist with most of them celebrating his woes under #MadowoYellowJournalism. Well,we hope Larry Madowo wears his happy socks to court and manages to spread the cheer and good luck charm, otherwise he just might end up in the front rows of jail.




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