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  • 73 people have been reported dead so far, with 29 found alive and receiving treatment.
  • Beatrice Ajenta Charles ‘Betty’ the Qatar air hostess left Doha in a one-way ticket to Malindi. Her son 8-year-old son died in March while fasting serving the cult’s doctrine.
  • Tripped linked to the Paul Mackenzie lead cult based in Shakahola village.

Betty’s disappearance to assumed Shakahola the cult village in Malindi has caught the attention of many as to how such an exposed person could be brainwashed to an extreme extent. Betty took a one-way ticket to Malindi from her work in Doha, Qatar and allegedly headed straight to the village.

Colleagues said her behavior changed with the news of her son’s Jason death in Shakahola around 20th March. The son was under the grandparents’ care who are alleged to belong to the cult. He was one of the first bodies exhumed and taken to the morgue.  Betty deleted all her socials and stopped communicating as usual apart from to selected few.

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Betty on one of her photos on socials before deleting them, heading for the village in Malindi – Picture Courtesy Ghetto Radio Digital

Annah her closest friend also confirmed she wasn’t her normal self when they met in Malindi for lunch. Her dad then picked her up and ever since information about her has been distorted and no one can track her movement.

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Latest Update

Out of the bodies exhumed today, Betty and her family are not amongst them, raising anxiety that she could still be alive or may be her grave not dug yet. Family, friends and I hope this is sign she could be alive.

“Out of the bodies zimekua exhumed hakuna body ya Betty Wala any member of their family”. Source

We then visited their home to find out any trace of activity or life.

There was no one but the flowers were pruned and watered, meaning there could be someone at the home. The dog is alive and active which could mean someone is feeding it.

The caretaker never answered his phone though it rang!

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Abbas Wife Constance Chao and Daughter Yemi Alade

In the heart of the frustrating search is Abbass, husband to Constance Chao, Betty’s sister who is also missing together with their young daughter Yemi Alade. He has been in the forest daily searching for his young family.

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The police reports currently indicate 73 people have died, with 29 found alive and under treatment. The Kenyan president William Ruto today described Paul Mackenzie as a terrorist who is using religion for his terror advances.

Could this mean the government are treating this as a terror attack!

Do you think Betty could be alive?  

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