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•Pastor Nganga blasts Luthuli Avenue’s rogue motorists and handcart pushers terming the street a no -driving zone.
•His Mercedes Benz was once hit while driving in the area with the police failing to help him

City preacher pastor Nganga has amused netizens in his video that he’s captured lashing out at rogue matatu drivers and handcart pushers on Nairobi’s Luthuli Avenue.

The man of God wittingly termed the street a ‘no-driving zone’ adding that matatus and handcarts are always carelessly handled resulting to accidents.

“Luthuli,Luthuli ata siwezi pitia hapo na gari yangu sababu itakwaruzwa na matatu na hizo mikokoteni ziko hapo” Stated Nganga

According to Nganga,there was a time he was driving his Mercedes Benz along Luthuli and got hit by a rogue matatu driver.

Even the police failed to help him as they questioned if he was in his right senses while driving there.

“Nilipitia hapo Zamani na Mercedes ikagongwa ata Inspector aliuliza sasa hii unakuja nayo hapo ya nini” He continued

As the video dies out,Nganga adds a final comical bullet referring Mandazi’s size to elephant ears which is normally enjoyed by evangelists frequenting the area.

“Wahubiri wanakunywa chai hapo na mandazi kama maskio ya ndovu”He Exclaimed Ngangas video has since been shared far and wide.

Judging from the comments the video has been attracting,many have suggested that Nganga is comedy’s new big thing.

We sampled a few of them.

“Huyu ndio stand up comedian juacali anataka ” Shot one fan

“Maskio ya ndovu it’s never a dull moment in this country” fired a second fan

“Respect button for pastor Nganga” flew another comment

“Luthuli nilienda na crocs nikarudi na akala bana sijui kuliendaje ” Appeared another one

Origin Of Luthuli Avenue

Luthuli Avenue in downtown Nairobi was named after South African anti -apartheid activist and preacher Albert John Luthuli.

He’s the first African to win the Nobel Peace Prize among other accolades.

However, his character is a great contrast to the street that he’s named after.

Apart from booming electronic businesses, eateries and exhibition store’s,Most of the city’s ills are committed in Luthuli from prostitution, burglary and muggings to illicit drug trade.

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