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Law Society of Kenya Gives Uhuru Seven Days To Dissolve Parliament


The Law Society of Kenya has given President  Uhuru Kenyatta  seven days to dissolve parliament failure to which they shall proceed and serve all  parliamentarians with vacation notice.

Addressing the media LSK president Nelson Havi says they  shall physically visit parliament together with United  Green Movement Party team to serve the vacation notice themselves to clerks.

According to Havi the high court has no mandate to question the Chief Justice and therefore petition before it is not applicable in the law to have president stop executing the advisory.

‘‘Parliament must be dissolved or we shall occupy it on 12th October when issuing vacation notices.Chief Justice does not act on his own he acts on behalf of the people. If he  fails to do so then he is violating the same constitution,’’ Havi told  the media.

Meanwhile   United  Green Movement Party leader Agostinho Neto has said that the law is clear on the matter of gender rule and that the president does not have any hindrance on executing the same.

‘‘If you look at the community of experts report on the constitution they had anticipated the parliament that could have  gone rogue like this particular parliament and that’s why it was put. The person who is on the offensive is the house of parliament and it shall be dissolved and the people of Kenya shall elect a new parliament,’’ Neto added.

In an interview with France24 on Thursday last week, President  Uhuru said the decision was before the courts and therefore refrained from making any comment.

In an advisory dated September 21, Maraga advised Uhuru to dissolve Parliament, due to failure to implement the two thirds gender rule.

“The petitions are based on the ground that despite four court orders compelling Parliament to enact the legislation, Parliament has blatantly failed, refused, or neglected to do so.” Maraga stated.