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Lawyers Call for Thorough Investigations into Justice Chitembwe’s Bribery Claims

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A section of lawyers is now demanding thorough investigations into bribery accusations leveled by former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko against High Court judge Said Chitembwe.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News human rights lawyer Shadrack Wambui says it is against judicial conduct for a judge to engage directly or indirectly with individuals with cases before him.

Wambui says that Chitembwe should have recused himself from the impeachment case against Sonko.

“We don’t support corruption or any form of collusion to defeat justice in the Judiciary and if Chitembwe knew Sonko, and that they have been friends or they have been having a common interest, the honorable thing he could have done is to recuse himself from the impeachment matter that’s why we are calling on the JSC to do a thorough investigation into the matter and not to rely so much on public hearsay,’’ Wambui said.

He further slammed the Judicial Service Commission for being sluggish in matters of integrity facing judges despite numerous complaints from lawyers and members of the public.

He says the Judicial Service Commission has failed to investigate Justice Sankale Ole Kentai who has been implicated by the DCI in the murder case of billionaire Tob Cohen.

“The JSC has failed terribly in dealing with these matters you can imagine they are waiting for people like Sonko to smoke such out before they act…what about normal mwananchi who does not have anything….we have other accusations against are judges including Justice Sankale Ole Kentai who was implicated in the murder case of the late Tobs Cohen until this moment nothing has been done by JSC,’’ he stated.


Meanwhile the commission has summoned Sonko to appear before it in person to shed light on a series of video clips he has released implicating Justice Said Chitembwe on corruption.

Sonko now has seven days to appear before the JSC and record a statement over the matter.

“The attention of the JSC has been drawn to several video clips, social media posts, cell phone recordings released by you in which Hon Justice Said Juma Chitembwe’s conduct as a judge has been brought to question,” JSC letter to Sonko reads in part.

The JSC has already written to Justice Chitembwe, giving him 14 days to respond to the allegations. A panel will meet and discuss the allegations and later report to the Commission.

Article 168(b) of the Constitution makes provision for the removal of a judge on account of a breach of the code of conduct.




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