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Lawyers Handling DPP Haji’s Ouster Bids Deny Being Funded By DCI


Lawyers handling petitions for the removal of Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji  have distanced themselves from accusations  that they are being funded by Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Cabinet Secretaries.

Led by Danstan Omari, Cliff Ombeta and Shadrack Wambui the lawyers say that they  are not pursuing anyone’s  agenda and that the petitions against Haji are from Kenyans who feel their rights have been infringed by Haji in justice system.

‘‘Haji really argued his case when he appeared on a radio talk show and came out with two issues that the petitions have been funded by other state people I want to be very clear here…  No instructions have come from one George Kinoti, no instruction has come from any other constitutional office all that we are filing are matters filed by known people, human beings, Kenyans who have faced DPP actions in court. We have not received a penny from those Cabinet Ministers purportedly funding the removal of the DPP,’’ Omari said in his statement.

This comes at a moment when another petitioner Joshua Waiganjo famously known us ‘‘Fake Cop’’ filed fourth petition demanding the removal of Haji from office.

Waiganjo says that DPP Haji charged him despite advisory from the DCI on the evidence that was presented which did not implicate him in any wrong-doing.


“Waiganjos’ case there was fair judgment and advisory from the Director of Criminal Investigations advising the DPP to resist the temptation of abusing the criminal justice process by preferring charges against Mr. Waiganjo for lack of enough evidence… he goes ahead and presses charges against Mr.  Waiganjo then on the 8th day of May 2020 through the solomonic wisdom as it is of Honorable Ominde, Mr. Waiganjo is found not guilty for the 10 charges he was accused of… in view of all these evidences being presented before Public Service Commission, has Mr . Haji Noordin lived as per letter in the spirit of chapter 6 of the constitution the answer is a big No.” Wambui said.

Haji maintains that he will not heed to any external pressure describing his ouster bid as witch-hunt and are meant to distract him from serving Kenyans.

“I may fall but I assure you that the next DPP, if I do fall, at all, will come with more gusto to pick from where I left,” Haji said.