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Learn to dispose your used masks properly – Ruai Residents tell Kenyans

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A section of residents in Ruai are now calling on Kenyans to ensure they dispose their used face masks properly.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, the residents raised concern over the number of used face masks littering the area.

They now say children are picking the used masks to play with and hence putting their lives at risk.

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The residents also report that they suspect some people may also be picking the masks, washing then re-using or selling them.

“47 million Kenyans are using masks, Imagine if we all disposed our used masks on the roadside, what risks are we posing for ourselves? What use is it to keep distance when we are busy throwing our used masks for children to pick. Imagine what risk even that person who will clean them from the roadside is exposed to?” said Pastor Mary Mureithi

The residents have now started putting trash cans in the area for people to dispose their used masks in but say one must first destroy the mask before disposing them.

They are calling on every Kenyan to observe the proper way to dispose of used masks.