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Leave my wife alone, Bebe Cool tells haters

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An angry Bebe Cool has come out to defend his wife Zuena Kirema. The Ugandan singer asked haters to stop flooding his wife’s social media accounts with abusive messages and let her be.

“Whoever shall engage, insult and abuse my wife is going to face my wrath. I shall fight whoever who pokes his nose into my family affairs. People should learn to mind their businesses,” he said.

He went on to ask anyone who has issues with him to face him and sort it with him instead of going after his family.

“Anyone who has a problem with me and has guts should come and stage a ­ fight with me. But, they must stay away from my wife or expect the worst,” he added.

The Ugandan singer was angered by abusive comments made to his wife who just delivered their last born two months ago.




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