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Lecturers Threaten To Down Tools Over Non Implementation of CBA


University unions have now sounded an alarm over alleged corruption at public universities saying that the management bungled the Collective Bargaining Agreement and that the workers did not get what they signed up for.

Led by University Academic  Staff Union Secretary General Dr Constantine Wasonga the lecturers stated that they shall paralyse learning in all public universities.

“If they don’t implement this 2017/2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement  there shall be total paralysis in all public universities …I want to call upon government to have one payroll centralized for public universities  let us have one payroll to curtail the mismanagement of public funds. We are not going to allow that,”Wasonga said.

According to Constantine an audit that was carried out by UASU, KUSU and KUDHEIA saved Ksh. 1.6 billion taxpayers money that was not utilized by the universities.

“Ksh. 1.6 billion was saved from taxpayers’ money because they remained with money if we did not make noise up to tune of Ksh. 1.6 billion could have gone down the grave and the balances are there. What we are asking is, how come we have a balance yet the SRC does not know? How did they remain with that balance? It’s mischief and one must answer it,” he added.


“This is a smoking gun we negotiated this CBA in 2019 they implemented it in a wrong way…they used different methods and tactics to bungle it. Two employees same job group, same grade same qualifications one gets Ksh. 130,000 while the other gets Ksh. 40,000. These universities include Bomet University, Co-operative University, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University,Karatina University, Kibabi, Masinde Muliro and  university of Nairobi….but some like Turkana, Maasai mara pay well,” the audit report read by Wasonga states.

Twent five universities  placed staff members correctly as stipulated by the Collective bargaining agreement and they include Bomet University,  Chuka University, Garisa University, Kaimosi, Kibabi University, Machakos,Maseno University, Multimedia University, Tom Mboya and Kabianga University.