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Riots have become synonymous with campus students, the public being at the undeserving end of losses. The MMU fraternity riots were not any different, infact five people are still in hospital following the violence that broke as the students protested the death of one of their comrades during the Sunday greasly accident. Rongai was restles thereafter with everyone trying to show muscle and weight over the same issue. However the MMU riots did birth a new awkening of reconcilliation and of lessons we could learn as a Country

When two bulls fight, the grass suffers- The Universtity of Nairobi was once reknown for being ‘THE’ University for the ‘CHOSEN ONES’ but now every time it’s mentioned, many cringe, hold on to their bags, close up shops and divert their cars to safer roads. These students have killed the mother of menace and become gods of destruction and terror. The annoying bit though is, in their quest to have their grievances adressed, they involve the clueless public who have nothing to do with whether their plate for lunch is green or blue. The MMU students did disrupt traffic for a while in Rongai and for that we condemn them but then they allowed sanity to sip back into their system and took counsel from the admin to retreat and seek inhouse solutions.

Tear gas chokes, Swallowing one’s  pride doesn’t– Having the Matatu fraternity and students confess to reckless and bad behaviour was a breathe of fresh air given the narration of ‘Deny,Blame and Play Victim ’ the society has embraced . Witnessing both parties ready to turn over a new leaf reignited my hope for National Cohesion. Our politicians should learn a thing or two from this peace deal.

Tomorrow has come today– With all the pointers above, the greatest take home had to be the courage and spirit of servant leadership these student body from MMU potrayed in adressing this issue. They chose to be humble and acknowledge authority. It spoke volumes that they gave their solemn promise in the presence of their Deputy VC who even spoke of the student harassment and vowed to defend them. This was a perfect relationship, one that is full of strain and challenges but overseen by a powerfull will to make it work. These Leaders of Tomorrow chose to start leading today.

It is one thing to have will power but another to sustain it. Discipline is a choice we make everyday, our eyes are on MMU and all comrades at large as choices have consequences. The job market is hawk eyed. For now we can only pray that the lost soul Rest in Peace.