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Leading electronics manufacturer LG Electronics has today renewed its sponsorship of the outstanding footballers in the Kenyan Premier League through a partnership with the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) for the fifth year running.

LG Electronics Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Ms. Maureen Kemunto noted that the brand has observed tremendous zeal amongst the footballers during the League build-ups in the last three years which was a true testament of improved morale and drive to excel.

“We are proud to once again partner with SJAK as their official partners of the footballer of the month initiative.

This initiative with the association together with other plans in pipeline have come a long way in helping LG build a closer connection with our consumers across Kenya.

We also believe that our shared passion for the game of football drives us to shape the path of the game through the players’ morale,” said Ms. Kemunto.

In addition, LG has set aside Kshs 500,000 to support three corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by SJAK in three different counties to improve youth football skills.

On his part, SJAK president Chris Mbaisi said: “Over the years, LG’s partnership has seen a significant improvement in the caliber of players in the Kenyan Premier League.

The recognition the players and teams have received either through the footballer of the month awards or the corporate social responsibility drives has greatly improved the League.

With the renewed partnership, we look forward to discovering new talent across the country as we build the profile of Kenya’s football game.”

The Sports Journalists Association of Kenya is an affiliate of the International Sports Press Association AIPS headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, which seeks to enhance the cooperation between sports media in defending sport and the professional interest of their members.


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