Lilian Muli faces Kenyans wrath over insensitive question to rape victim

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This past weekend Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has been the talk of the online community after a question she asked during an interview on Friday 7th rubbed fans the wrong way.

Many who watched the TV interview while Irene Karimi, the victim of the rape ordeal narrated how ten men broke into her house in Kibera during the night were not pleased by Muli’s follow up question and termed it insensitive.

According to Karimi, the men stole almost everything, beat her up then sexually assaulted her. Muli then asked the victim whether the she had done something to provoke the attack.

“Could you have said something, done something or were you dressed in a certain way?” Muli asked.

“When rapists come, it’s not because a woman behaved in a certain way, they do it because that’s who they are. It’s not because who the woman is. I didn’t offend anyone in that community” responded Karimi.

Online users immediately charged at her with all rage and fury regarding her question. Here are some of the comments.

Dr. Njoki Ngumi  @njokingumi


Lillian Muli actually asked a survivor of a violent rape by home invaders if she offended them, or was dressed in such a manner as to provoke them into assaulting her. She ACTUALLY did that. LILLIAN MULI DID THIS ON PRIME TIME NEWS.

Patience Syombua @patiesyombua


@lilllian_muli you can’t ask Ms Karimi if she was dressed inappropriately, if she offended them,how can you, how could you! You should at least have researched how to handle a rape victim, survivor prior to this interview. A rapist is a rapist.Whether you are in a buibui or naked

Dr Wandia @wmnjoya


Replying to @patiesyombua and 2 others

Muli is just not qualified to do such an interview. This is wrong.

Bavon Marie Marie @francis_mmakau


Replying to @patiesyombua and 3 others

You guys over rate Lillian Muli. This is the same woman who asked a top class 8 pupil if she had a boyfriend. Let’s be real