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Lilian Ng’ang’a Blasts Mwafreeka and DJ Zao For Meddling In Her Business


Former Machakos first lady Lilian Ng’ang’a has thrown shade at YouTuber Mwafreeka and DJ Zao for attacking her over the hotel she shares with her ex Alfred Mutua.

The two podcasters said that the Machakos Governor should have thought hard before giving Lilian Ng’ang’a the shares.

Ng’ang’a who is now married to musician Juliani apparently got mad at the two describing them as shameless.

In an attempt to clear her name, Lilian said that they had divided the hotel on a 50/50 basis.

“Just came across this clip, shameless men! Nobody gave me part of a hotel. The hotel is 50/50. A LTD Company. Very sad if you are fathers to girls. Shame on you,” Lilian Ng’ang’a wrote.

The two podcasters had accused Lilian Ng’ang’a of cheating on her ex-husband even after being given part of the hotel based in Machakos.

“Imagine umepatia mtu a part of a hotel then she cheats on you with another person. Unafaa kuuliza sasa mimi najenga hoteli nah ii hotel najenga na navile sahi hakuna mtoto na nauliza if unataka kunicheza uniambie ndio nisiweke jina yako,” said the podcasters.


Lilian Nga’ng’a had previously accused the governor of transferring her shares of the hotel to his sister.

“A&L Hotel, through Ndash Enterprises LTD, has a loan with Family Bank Kenya. The hotel was not built with any one person’s money. We are 50/50 in the Venture.*Alfred and I are liable for the loan as the Directors. His Sister Ann Mutua who he transferred my shares to, is not liable – and she should therefore stay away from running A&L Hotel as a Director,” Lilian said.

Lilian separated with the governor last year she married Juliani in a private wedding.