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Limuru Residents Unearth Donkey Slaughtering Cartel


Residents of Limuru in Kiambu County have unearthed a donkey slaughtering cartel in a place called Boma.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News on condition of anonymity says the cartel allegedly slaughters at least 18 donkeys in a night.

He says the meat is then transported in Toyota Probox cars to unknown destinations.

“For the last two months approximately 600 donkeys have been slaughtered. They are slaughtering them in a deserted place in the interior part of Limuru at night,” claimed the residents.

According to the residents, the cartel is working with area police and administration officers to go about their business which they say in unlicensed.

They claim their attempts to have the area chief take action on the cartel have been met with total coldness.

“One resident went to launch a complain with the chief, asking him to take action on the cartel that was slaughtering donkeys on his farm, but the chief brushed him off and told him to go arrest the people and bring them to him,” said the resident.

They claim the donkey meat is widely sold in butcheries in the area at a cheaper price.