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  • MossBets makes entrant in Kenya with more betting option suiting game lovers.
  • The firm target maximizing customers’ winnings and ensuring a seamless gaming journey.


As betting Industry continue to boom in the country, the new entrant MossBets has introduced more gambling option for its customers as it seeks to control the betting industry in Kenya.

In press release to newsrooms, the firm target maximizing customers’ winnings and ensuring a seamless gaming journey a move designed to improve their satisfaction in the game.

“With a focus on maximizing customers’ winnings and ensuring a seamless gaming journey, offers an array of features and promotions designed to elevate excitement and satisfaction.With unmatched betting options,, provides diversity to its customers. Whether a seasoned bettor or just starting out, the platform caters to every betting style with a wide range of options. Customers can place single bets for straightforward predictions. For those seeking simplicity and directness in their wagers, single bets offer the perfect avenue. Customers can predict the outcome of a single event and watch as bet unfolds.” The statement reads in part.

The Realm Multi-bet Option

The gamers will also have an opportunity to link multiple single bet in a sequence with the potential to amplify  winnings.

“Game lovers can also delve into the realm of multi-bets, where intricate strategies come to life. Within this category, offers various options. They can choose to link multiple single bets in a sequence, with the potential to amplify your winnings as each bet’s outcome influences the next or engage in strategic combinations across multiple selections, granting flexibility and mitigating risk.’’ It continues.

“With Mossbets innovative Kontrol feature, game lovers can take control of their bets like never before. One can opt for partia cashout to secure a portion of their winnings while leaving the rest in play or enjoy full cashout for complete control over bets.The customers can also utilize automatic cashout to set predefined conditions and minimize potential losses.Navigating is a breeze, thanks to our intuitive interface and efficient search function. With unmatched features, diverse betting options, and exciting promotions, Mossbets is committed to maximizing customers winning potential and ensuring a seamless gaming experience.’’ It added.


February 28, 2024

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