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Living a Political dream while running a Fashion Line, Youth Leader tells all

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Chadwick Ogonji popularly known as Chadman among close circles is a man on a mission to build an empire and inspire his pears.

The youth leader from Mathere, in Nairobi is a familiar face to many who attend political rallies especially at grass root level.

With the country at the off peak season of political rallies, Chadman says he is taking a political break to venture into business.

The young man is now the face behind ‘chadman wallets’ a small start-up he kicked off with his wife seven months ago.

“Honestly I was tired of living on handouts and asking people for help every day. I decided it was time I strive to make my own money. Being a youth leader, many youths in my area look up to me and it was also embarrassing sitting in a jobless corner with people who see home in me” He said

The young man partnered with his wife Eunice Ogutu to start up Chadman wallets as a way to make a living.

“When she proposed we do the business I agreed because I saw an opportunity to build our own empire. I had never touched a sewing needle to sew anything in my life. Now am stitching wallets, bags, jackets folders and many more and truthfully my life has changed so much in the last seven months.” He added

The youth leader intends to follow his political ambition later by contesting the Ruaraka Youth Leader’s seat and maintains that he wants to continue mentoring the youth.

His wife says because of the hardship and unemployment she decided to look back to her first love, sewing to earn a living.

“I got tired of sitting home waiting for a job and living on handouts so I decided to try making wallets out of leather. It is something I learnt in the past but never really took it up until the day I realized it could bring me some money.” She said

She reveals that even at the time of starting she had no money but with the little she had, she bought a small piece of leather that she used to make her first wallet.

“I didn’t have enough money to buy a big piece of leather so I just bout a small piece and it is the one I used to make the bag and also used it to teach my husband how to join the pieces so that we could work together.” She added

The couple maintains that the business is yet to pick up but at least they are able to take care of their daily needs with what they make.

For Chadman, as he follows up on his political ambition, his wife Eunice who is also the handson in the business, will take full charge of all the business operations.

The two currently use their house in Kangundo road as their work studio but say they hope to have a separate work space someday.

To get yourself the beautiful Chadman wallets you can contact the two on 0795343114 Or 0723598685


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