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Lobby groups condemn Kibra demolitions in Soweto Slum

Lobby groups condemn Kibra demolitions

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Human rights lobby groups have condemned the recent demolitions of Soweto slums Kibra saying the move was ill-advised and the affected residents were not compensated.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Nubians Rights Forum leader Shafi Ali says that they are planning to sue the government over compensations.

Shafi says that Soweto MCA Lawi Otieno allegedly oversaw the demolitions

“We will sue all of them including the MCA Lawi who supervised the demolitions. Article 40 is very clear on the procedures that need to be followed before demolitions are conducted,” said Shaffie.

Shaffie claims that the Soweto demolitions are not so different from the Kibos demolitions that took place in Kisumu.

The demolitions saw hundreds of victims left homeless.

“We are also following up on the Kibos demolitions as well and tomorrow is the hearing we hope justice for the victims will be realized,” he added.


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