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Lobby Groups Move To Court To Challenge Kenya’s High Borrowing


Two lobby groups have moved to court seeking to have the recent amendment on the law that allowed Kenya to borrow money surpassing its GDP illegal.

The lobby group says that issuance of Ksh. 44 Billion Loan to IMF was illegal since it surpassed 50 percent of the country’s GDP, a law that is in the East African Community Treaty that Kenya is part of.

The Kenya Peasant League and the Kenya Debt Abolition Network filed the petition at the East African Community Court registry in Milimani on Thursday.

Cidi Otieno of the Kenyan Peasants League says that they have filed the case in the East African Community court because Kenya signed a treaty that declared that East African countries should not borrow more than 50 percent of its GDP.

“The reason why we didn’t go to the Kenyan Courts is because the National assembly passed to increase the threshold of debts fully aware that Kenya is a part of this treaty,” said Otieno.

“Article 2 of the Kenyan Constitution is very clear, that any treaty that Kenya signs is part of our laws so the fact that Kenyan government signed the East African Treaty is part of our laws. So we are seeing a situation whereby the government of Kenya is going against its laws,” said Otieno.

The respondents in the case are the Attorney General of Kenya and the Secretary of The East African Community.

The recent issuance of a Ksh. 44 Billion loan to Kenya by the International Monetary Fund caused an uproar with many Kenyans urging IMF to stop loaning Kenya.