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Lobby Groups Want Tobacco Control Fund Implemented


The Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance now demands a quick implementation of Tobacco Control Fund saying that the act that created the kitty is geared towards  ensuring  the Tobacco products consumption is controlled in the country.

According to the alliance Chairman Joel Gitali, the government is still playing ping pong games with its implementation yet Tobacco companies are milking millions that should be channeled in Tobacco control activities.

“Nobody can say that there is this or that because the regulations for the implementation of the tobacco control act are now in place and therefore we expected that even as that was happening for the Tobacco control fund to have been already set in motion but it was not. Up to now the Tobacco control fund is not operational and yet one of the things that were to happen was that Tobacco companies were to surrender 2% of whichever good that they either manufactured or imported into the country. So this amount was supposed to be going to the Tobacco control fund so without the fund you know obviously it becomes difficult for that amount to be contributed by the tobacco industries,’’ Gitali told the media.

The organisation further raised concerns over Lyft nicotine pouches a product that was deregistered but it’s being sneaked into the country for use.


“LYFT which is an oral nicotine pouches  was brought into the country by BAT and BAT itself has now put a manufacturing plant of the same but it was importing and selling. Now this LYFT was registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board under the wrong act, it was therefore illegally in the country, illegally being sold and registered illegally,’’ he said.

‘‘So when we made noise the cabinet secretary de-registered it but did not burn it and then they started a process of now subjecting it to the Tobacco control act so that the law that applies to the regulating of tobacco products also applies to the nicotine pouches’’ Gitali added.