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Local Comedian Reveals How His Mother and Elder Brother Committed Suicide


We all have stories to tell from our respective backgrounds. Stories could vary from sad to poor upbringing to fun-filled memorable childhood backgrounds. For others it could be both experiences.

It is often believed that a man’s upbringing or family background has a lot to do with who he or she becomes. A good example is poverty stricken backgrounds….most of them,the likes of Chris Kirubi and William Ruto end up with extreme wealth because poverty is the strongest motivation on earth.

However, albeit the assumptions aligned above, there is always exceptional cases.

A good example is former comedian John Kiarie of the populous Redkyulas comical series.

From the public eye, it would be easy and almost possible for anyone to assume that KJ’s background was filled with comical notoriety that pushed him to become a comedian in the first place. Well,that wasnt the case. As a matter of facts KJ grew with sadness after loosing both his mum and brother to suicide.

Speaking  during   a TV show Story Yangu on Maisha Magic East, the 38-year old veteran comedian opened up to this;

“My mother died in mysterious circumstances because she committed suicide just months after she gave birth to me.  This led to my bad health and my family thought I was going to die,” Kiarie narrated.

The fourth born of eight then disclosed how the second tragedy struck the family  just after he had joined form one.

“One night my big brother told me that he had something to tell me and he started talking about the future like he will not be there. We ended up talking for hours and we woke up the following morning he was not there,” a  very sad and equally tearful Kiarie narrated.

Postmortem  tests then revealed that his brother had committed suicide by taking 28 tablets of malaria quin.

This is was a huge blow to Kiarie, since he had grown fond of his brother who had even introduced him to drawing and acting at an early age.

Despite having lost the two KJ survived through abject poverty, academic challenges to becoming a cartoonist at form three- a move that he says was the beginning of his bright future.

Talking of celebrities turned politicians such as Frasha and Dj Kaytrixx, KJ will also be vying for Dagoretti South parliamentary seat in the August  8 polls riding high on Jubilee Party ticket.

Check out video below;