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Losses as County Demolishes structures in Fedha Estate


fedhaHundreds of Businessmen and women from Fedha and Tassia estate today woke up to a rude shock to find their stalls and business premises demolished by the city council officers.

The demolitions started at in the morning went up to Nyayo Estate where more structures were demolished.

Catherine one of the demolition victims says most of them were unable to salvage their stuff from the demolitions.

“We woke up early around to open our usual businesses when a group of county council officers and the police appeared and started demolishing the structures and beating up anyone who was trying to save some of their properties says  Catherine one of the victims of the demolition,” said Catherine.

They claim the demolitions were conducted without any eviction notice as the law requires.

The residents ask for the government to look into this issue because this is their source  livelihood and this is not he first time this is happening.