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Love struck teacher swindled thousands of cash by man posing as gospel Star

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By Steve Osaka.

High flying Bongo Gospel Star Goodluck Gozbert is the latest celebrity to get embroiled in an embarrassing online scam all thanks to smitten teacher.

Subira a Primary School Teacher from Lindi in the outskirts of Daressalam had allegedly been in a long conversation with a stranger posing as Goodluck Gozbert.

Lovestruck and desperate for love she ended up spending a good fortune in pursuit of the gospel artiste.

In one instance the imposter lied to have lost his mother only for the teacher to send him cash as a token for bereavement.

In another scenario she was led to a hotel for a date that never was,she dined at the facility for two weeks in the hope that the Star would show up and only checked out when she ran out of cash.

It took the intervention of a local media station – Clouds Fm who contacted the Star ending the teacher’s long agony.


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