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  • Private schools owners appeal  inclusive capitation
  • They claim low cost private school admits learners unable to afford public schools
  • 100 per cent transition questioned by the stakeholders

A section of private schools owners now want the government to fund the education of their learners, as is the case with those in public institutions.

George Mwangi the director of St.Georges Cornerstone secondary school in Juja says they should be considered for capitation ahead of ahead of next academic year.

Currently, only learners in public schools are funded.

George Mwangi who runs a school in Juja sub county, said the funding should be allocated to every child regardless of whether they are in a private or public school.

He said the government had not come clear on capitation, which he termed vital to schools in the development of children.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio, Mwangi claimed that most of the time the private schools admit learners who are unable to afford the cost of public schools.

“We will continue to dialogue with government officials in pushing for the need to advance the funds to private schools,” Mwangi said.

The sentiments was supported by Jane Waithera who said capitation should not only be focused on public schools.

“All children in both public and private learning institutions are Kenyans, and they deserve to be treated equally. We are all in the sole objective of helping to transform, educate, and develop our children,” Mwangi added.

She added that the 100 per cent transition of learners from primary to secondary schools will only be realized if private schools are financially empowered.

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Mwangi further reiterated that private schools play a key role in giving quality education to the children and should not be left out in any government support to learning institutions.

He added that the right to education of a child is enshrined in the Constitution.

“Most parents would like to benefit from government capitation, but, unfortunately, this is not extended to private schools at the moment,” He lamented.

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