Low turn out of pupils in Private Schools

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As schools continue to reopen a number of private schools in Nairobi’s Mathare slums have experienced low turn out of pupils.

Patrick Ojiambo, Director Daystar Junior School says that more than half the number of pupils turned up today for school.

Ojiambo says that out of 380 pupils that the school previously had, only 150 pupils returned.

“Today the turn up has not been so good because some pupils moved to the countryside after coronavirus struck. Some are stuck upcountry because transport has been hiked. Buses are charging up to 2,500, but we are expecting them here by the end of the week,” said Ojiambo.

He says that some parents are still stuck upcountry after they were pushed to move from the city due to effects of the pandemic while some are experiencing o transport challenges.

Ojiambo has urged the government to also supply masks and sanitizers to private schools in a bid to meet some of the guidelines.

“We have had a lot of challenges pertaining the Covid-19 guidelines given by the Ministry of education. Not all pupils who reported to school today came with masks. In fact half of them never had masks so we had to look for ways of giving them masks,” said Ojiambo.

Private schools in Kenya were hit hard by the pandemic with many of them shutting down.