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Lucky Summer residents decry marauding thugs killing innocent residents


Residents in Lucky Summer are requesting for the police to act against marauding thugs who are stabbing and killing innocent residents in the area.

According to the residents the incidents happens between 8pm to 10pm at the Sinai and the bridge connecting Gomongo and Lucky summer.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Walter Buleti an area resident claims that in the past two weeks two people have been killed and seven others left injured.

“So far for the last 14 days, two people have been killed while seven others have been stabbed and injured. We informed the new Lucky Summer OCS about the incident and we hope that action will be taken. We also talked to the area MCA about the lighting of the area,” Buleti.

Brian Omollo another area residents claims that the suspects are committing the atrocities before curfew hours.

 “These boys are terrorizing people. The  other day a man was stabbed in the head and was rushed to a nearby chemist by well-wishers, he luckily managed to survive,” said Omollo.

The residents have accused the area MCA of refusing to help them resolve the insecurity issue.

He has also appealed to police officers to restore security in the area.

“Our area MCA is never concerned, he never even comes to the scene of the crime… and it’s like he is not working .We want the security personnel to pull up their socks and do their operations, we can’t be losing people every day, children are becoming fatherless, wives are becoming widows and parents are losing their sons,” added Omollo.