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Lucky Summer Residents Decry Poor Drainage


Lucky Summer Residents are lamenting over poor drainage systems in the area after the construction of a new road in Lucky Summer Estate.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Sharon Atieno a resident at Lucky Summer says that the area has poor drainage system following the construction of the new road that saw a sewer line tampered with.

Atieno says that lack of the proper drainage system has further caused flooding on the roads especially during the rainy season making the road inaccessible.

“The government constructed the lucky summer down road two months ago but they did not consider the drainage system. There is no good drainage system because when it rains the roads flood the residential areas because of lack of a good drainage system which is also risky to our children especially when they are going to school,”  Atieno said.

She further said that the area also has poor sewer lines which pose as a threat to the residents living in the area.

“The sewer lines in the road are also not well constructed and most of the time they overflow and there is no good drainage system hence they flood the road. It is also a risk because the water from the sewer lines might mix with the water that we use daily which is not good for our health,” Atieno added.

Atieno urged the government to act faster and fix the drainage system before worse is released including outbreak of water-borne disease.

“I would like to congratulate the government for constructing the road for us but I would also request them to now work on the drainage system and sewer line so that the roads cannot be damaged and also people can continue with their business without interruption,” Atieno said.