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Lucky Summer residents decry rising cases of crime


Residents in Lucky Summer have expressed concern over the rising cases of crime in the area.

The residents claim that they are being attacked and robbed in broad daylight by criminals in the area.

Brian a resident who was stabbed using a broken bottle says that his attack happened in broad daylight under the watch of the public.

He says he tried to raise an alarm but no one bothered to help.

According to Brian he did not bother to report the incident to the police saying that he knew that no action will be taken.

“There is a day I was just in the estate and I was attacked by an unknown man, after asking him why he was attacking me, he immediately pulled out a broken bottle and stubbed me. All this happened while people were watching and no one dared to assist me. I did not report because no action will be taken because this estate is full of crime,” narrated Brian.

Another resident also claims that her kid’s bicycle was stolen within wink of time and although the plot she lives in has a CCTV camera, they could not trace the thug.

“My child kept the bicycle to go give his dad the house key, when he came back down the bicycle was not there and the plot has a CCTV camera,” commented a resident.

However another resident thinks that the increase in crime rate is because of lack of employment for the people in the community.

“People do not have work and money so they turn to criminal activities in search of money,” says a resident.

Their hope is that action will be taken to reduce the insecurity in the area.