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  • Luhya king of drill music Akhasamba Lukale has dropped another single, Kuomoka.
  • He recently dropped another song with Wakadinali’s front man Scar Mkadinali.
  • Akhasamba pulled a first one by being tapped by leading betting firm, Odibets for an advertising job.

Luhya King of Drill music Akhasamba Lukale has dropped yet another single dubbed “Kuomoka”.

It’s every man’s dream to get out of the block for prosperity prospects as Akhasamba portrays it.

Done in his signature Abaluhya flow, the rapper delves deeper into the subject with great ease.

His mastery of the Luhya language is on point as he sings from his heart to the hip hop beat.

He also fuses Swahili and a little bit of the urban slang ‘Sheng’  adding life to the song.

The song’s video kicks off with Akhasamba right at the heart of the city.

He then dashes to catch a train home further bringing to light the railway infrastructure.

As the locomotive pierces it’s way through the city’s estates, Akhasamba does what he knows best, rap.

The video is simple with good lighting and the rapper is the only subject of focus.

The graffiti element of Hip Hop is also captured through some cut-outs.

For those who are unfamiliar with the language, Akhasamba got them covered through sub titles.

As he raps through, the words appear on the screens helping in grasping his message.

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Barely a month ago, Akhasamba dropped “Mashemeji Derby” with Wakadinali’s front man, Scar Mkadinali.

The song has since gotten good reviews on local Hip Hop charts.

Lukale Akhasamba on ‘Kuomoka’ cover PHOTO Courtesy


Odibets Deal

It’s rare to have a new name ink a major deal with a corporate firm.

However, Akhasamba achieved the feat not long ago.

Having recorded a few songs and encountered challenges, he relocated upcountry where he resorted to farming.

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However, one of his songs lit up Twitter now X prompting leading betting firm Odibets to source for him.

Through the help of Ghetto Radio’s Hip Hop republik presenter, Curtis they were able to locate him.

He was soon on billboards with the firm going out to support his projects.

Akhasamba is proving that indeed music is in his blood.



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