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Luo Dancehall Star Viddyman Brings The Nyatiti Back To Life


Fast rising Luo dancehall Star David Onyango Odero commonly known as Viddyman is on a mission to bring the traditional Nyatiti back to life through his performances and musical features.

“Nafanya shows na kurecord mziki nikiblend Nyatiti ku bring out our rich local traditional vibes in an urban way” Stated Viddyman.

Musical Background

He has a musical background tracing his roots to Luhya land. The late renowned Benga Star Jacob Luseno is his maternal grandfather.Though boasting of an urban upbringing,Viddyman borrows heavily from traditional artist’s and mentions the  fallen luo traditional Star Ayub Ogada as one of his inspiration.

Mechanical Engineer

He is a mechanical engineer, an alumni of the National Youth Service (N.Y.S).He works at a Nairobi Garage dealing in automotives,he attributes his love for big boys toys which led him into the motor world industry.

“Nikiwa mchanga nilipenda sana magari ndio kwa maana ikanivutia kusomea hii kazi, I simply followed my heart” He further explained.

He also learnt forestry while at the National Youth Service and  engages in tree planting back in the village by setting tree nurseries.


“Mimi ni forester, hiyo pia nilifunzwa kule N.Y.S na huwa napanda miti kule ocha nimeseti tree nurseries kibao, sometimes  pia nauza naget chapaa,”  he revealed.

Challenges Faced

He mentions lack of enough funds in aiding his musical journey, With high studio production fees which requires deep pockets. He also blames some youths for lacking focus as he has encountered tree thefts from his nursery projects leading to huge losses.

He is currently riding on the success of his releases ‘Tich Wati Atiya’ which translates to let’s embrace work and ‘Pod Apek’ which affirms his presence in the musical world.


By Steve Osaka