In summary

  • Rodi primary school from Seme Sub-County shocked the music festival by beating the Borana speaking schools.
  • Soloist Bradley Fidel ‘Bado’ surprised by their performance.
  • The teacher’s partners chose the Borana song to challenge tribalism.

Rodi Primary School shocked the country by beating Borana speaking schools in their language and culture.

This was at the ongoing music festival at Dedan Kimathi University. Rodi primary is located in Kamnara village East ward, Seme Kisumu County.

Their teachers chose the Borana song to challenge themselves and tribalism which threatens the unity of our country whenever politics is involved.

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The Results

“I did not expect we will finish third by beating Borana and groups of schools in relation to where we have come from” Bradley, the Soloists happily said.

The third position might not qualify for the gala which would be their perfect gift for the exemplary performance.

Let us all agree that if one team was to be picked to perform at the gala, Rodi fit the bill. To perform in a strange language and culture and beat the holders of the culture is no mean achievement. They deserve it!

“I like how Borana sounds, I like singing and I enjoy it. I did not imagine us becoming third amongst so many Borana schools” Bradley Fidel, the soloist added.

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Left Deputy Head Mistress Mrs. Jane Odek Elizabeth and Right Head Teacher Alloys Ambuso Rodi Primary school receive their certificate. PHOTO Courtesy of Ghetto Radio Digital

Out of 15 school in class 275 performing Borana folk song, Rodi emerged third beating other schools from the Eastern region.
Isiolo Barracks were winners by 89 Points followed by Aljoron at 88 points and the real winners Rodi with 87 points.

“We chose a Borana song to challenge tribalism in Kenya. We wanted to show the country that anyone can sing in any language and celebrate tribe. We were all Kenyans, and we must love and show respect to all tribes.” The school Headmaster, teachers and the trainers expressed their satisfaction.

Rodi wins against all odds.

Majimaji and Dorine Odongo with Rodi Primary School music team. PHOTO Courtesy of Ghetto Radio Digital

The first challenge they faced was singing a language and a culture that is unique and new to them.

They could not deeply interact with the cultural and social energy.

They also lacked enough funds to get the costumes that accurately reflect the Borana culture.
During preparation they lacked the necessary exposure making their research inadequate. They wished they could watch enough videos and perhaps visit the Borana community for in-depth understanding of the culture.

Accurate to their conclusions, Dorine and MajiMaji after consulting with the adjudicators, realized that idioms and pronunciation denied them only two points to emerge winners.

Other challenges were inadequate funding since they come from a challenged background.

Tribalism in Kenya

Tribalism in Kenya is a hindrance to nationhood.
Many a times the ugly head of tribalism shows up during political seasons.

Unfortunately, politicians tend to calculate politically profiling tribes to woo votes.

While this could be normal in the strategy building block boardroom, the effects are adverse on ordinary mwananchi, negatively affecting nationhood.

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“These children deep from a Luo village have performed meticulously well. Singing a Borana song is evidence that tribes can be celebrated to reinforce unity in Kenya.” Majimaji said.

Dorine Odongo who has been supportive to Rodi primary added, “I am proud of their performance and believe it is possible to change the narrative in Kenya where we all exist as one.”

Both asserted that in the spirit of CBC, co-curriculum activities need to be well funded since they are important to the holistic development of the child.

“This is the principal of CBC. The leaders need to wake up to the reality showcased by Rodi primary.” Majimaji advised.

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