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Lupita Breaks The Internet With Her New Hairdo (Pics)


IMG_20160504_091510You all know Lupita is a naturally born head turner. Her fashion taste and boldness garners wanted and at times unwanted attention to her ever since she bagged an Oscar award few years aback. Lupita is a household name in Hollywood as she is in Kenya. With that said, every special occasion in the film industry is a chance for Lupita to showcase her style mightiness.

So the “Met Gala 2016” annual occasion went down on Monday night in New York City and Lupita’s hair was the one making headlines this time round.

According to;

“Nyong’o, who was raised in Kenya, styled her hair into what some outlets described as “Whoville hair,” a reference to the quirky hairdos in the town Dr. Seuss invented in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Nyong’o’s hair was piled tall and straight, with four segments, each sculpted into a bubble. It instantly was filed as a meme, with comparisons to The Simpsons‘ Marge.”We wonder, what is going on underneath all of the hair to keep it up?” a USA Today reporter asked. “How did she travel to the event with that on top of her head? Or, maybe those should just remain fashion mysteries.”

Apart from her ‘Mysterious hair do,Lupita also killed it by rocking a custom Calvin Klein Collection green sequin dress with Jimmy Choo shoes ,blending her hair and the look almost perfectly.

Check her out;