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Lynn Ngugi Refutes Claims She Used Musician For Publicity


Former Tuko journalist Lynn Ngugi has refuted claims by musician Mercy Atis that she betrayed her and used her story to get her former employer publicity.

According to Ngugi she has never ever used her platform or of that of her former employer in order to get public.

The media personality posted screenshots of conversations where she said that she decided to interview the ladies because they accused Mercy of running a brothel.

“The Webcam conversation is after I confronted her, given that some women in Mombasa had accused her of running a brothel with teenagers involved. I am still going to cover their story and as you can see above, the matter is still before court and we are just waiting for the ruling,” wrote Ngugi.

Ngugi also said that she gave Mercy cash from her own pocket in order to attend the interview and also the audience contributed for her.


“Lastly, she says the audience contributed around 100K which I believe was more than that and I hope she can refund. I have no bad blood but do not ever again take my kindness for weakness,” added Lynn.

Mercy took to her Youtube channel and accused Lynn of publishing her story after she did the interview while the case was still in court.

She claimed that the presenter has gotten in touch with ladies whom Atis allegedly recruited into the webcam model businesses.

The musician also revealed that the ladies would make as much as Sh. 70,000 for performing on a webcam.