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  • Lynn shared this intimate detail during a candid conversation with her close friend, Lilian Zawadi.
  • Lynn revealed that she is currently in a fulfilling relationship and expressed pride in her partner.

Digital Content Creator Lynn Ngugi has finally opened about being in a relationship with a Tycoon.

Known to keep her personal matters away from her fans, Lynn shared this intimate detail during a candid conversation with her close friend Lilian Zawadi.

“I could stay here the whole day… It’s deep. Every time I even think of why I love him, it just sends me to an emotional space. He loves me. And it’s not just like I love you because you give me this, he loves me as a person. When someone doesn’t make you doubt, you know it’s a safe space. When you never have to go to bed doubting is this good,” she said.

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Lynn shared some insights into her relationship saying her partner was intelligent and rich referring him as a Tycoon.

“I just feel like it’s given. I feel good about it. I am blessed and the luckiest woman. He’s an amazing person and intelligent also. And he’s loaded… he’s a tycoon,”

The 34 year old went on to elaborate on various aspects of her connection with her partner, revealing what draws her to him.

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Intriguingly, Ngugi and Zawadi disclosed that their partners are, in fact, best friends.

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