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Maasai Man famed for Canning Kenyans defying the one metre social distancing rule arrested


A few days ago a video of a man dressed in a Maasai attire canning Kenyans on the streets went viral. His reason for being so ruthless, Kenyan’s have not been observing the one metre social distancing rule.

In the video which was shared on social media on Friday, April 3, the man, armed with a whip in hand moves around beating up people sitting close together in opposition to the government’s directive.

Days after his video went viral, the unknown man who decided to take the law into his hands has been arrested.

In another video that has widely been shared online, the man is seen in handcuffs as plain cloth officers try to whisk him away.

The man then goes on to resist attempts by the officers to take him into custody claiming he is tired and needs to sit down alittle.

Suprisingly, he quickly turns to the crowd that was quickly forming around him and begins beating them for defying the social distancing rule.

The video which was taken in Nairobi’s CBD, ends with the cops leaving the maasai man in cuffs as he tries to disperse the crowd.

Check out the video below: