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‘Mabudesko walinichanganya’ Betty Kyallo on why she abandoned her first dream


Betty Kyallo has revealed that there was a point in life when she wanted to become a nun.

Speaking to comedian Churchill in an interview, Betty said she always admired how nuns dressed so much that she wanted to join the convent.

“I wanted to be a nun but mabudesko changed me. Walinichanganya wakanimalisa. I used to admire nuns how they looked nice in their white clothes during mass… i was like i wanna be like them hakuna kusumbuliwa na machali. Halafu you serve god… lakini ilikuwa ngumu. Nikaona wacha tuu nukuwe news anchor i do what i

Wanted to do. I really wanted to be a nun maybe Ivanna will be a nun.” She said

She later decided to follow her other dream which was to be a news anchor and even got lucky to work under one of her role models.

“I always wanted to be Catherine Kasavui. I’d watch the news just to see her. I interviewed on her ktn. When i saw her i got so nervous. She was so sweet to me. It was one of my best shows” she added