Machachari actress wants Uhuru to help her locate her missing brother

Machachari actress wants Uhuru to help her locate her missing brother

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Kenyan actress Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha has written an emotional letter to President Kenyatta seeking his help to locate her brother whom she says was kidnapped three years ago.

A remorseful Wanjiku expressed how she has tried everything possible to date but her brother’s case has remained unresolved.

She goes on to say how the case has broken her and brought pain to her family and that they would like to get closure.

She narrates how she worked hard to seek relevant audience with authorities but her case was hushed with no action.

“Dear my President,

I am writing to you and this is me clutching at straws…

I was told not to write to you, others said I should follow chain of command, which I did and after a few attempts to seek audience with the relevant people we had our 1st meeting and everyone was happy to see ‘us’..

Well that’s until we told them why we were really there and no sooner did they hear us, there were promises of immediate action…there was ” call me 1st thing in the morning….” which I did and this was the narrative…in hushed tones I was told..” I am in a meeting I’ll call you later..” this went on for a while untill they no longer bothered to pick my calls…” She wrote in part.

The actress begged the president to take action saying how her brother’s children need their father back.

“See Mr President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years since and nothing from you or your office…after everything has been said and done, it’s been said and NOTHING done.

So this is me hoping with everything going on, your re-election, Githeri man raising to fame you will get to read this and bring my brother home…3 years, I think he has done his “time”.

His children need their father, his wife-a husband, his parents- a son and me- MY BROTHER.

I remain in your service,

Shiku.” She concluded.