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Machakos Residents Decry Acute Water Shortage


Residents of Kaliani ward in Machakos County are decrying an acute water shortage that has hit the area for quite some time now.

The residents say that they are forced to walk several kilometers to the river to fetch watch for domestic use.

Caroline Ndunge a resident says that the crocodile infested Athi River has also exposed them to many lurking dangers.

“We are already struggling to get to that water source but even after more than one hour of struggle, to get to the river, we still risk our lives to fetch water since the river is infested with crocodiles and hippos,” says Ndunge.

According to the activist, they have also had case of young girls being sexually assaulted on their way to fetch water.

Ndunge caims that they have tried to get their leaders to solve the water crisis and all they are getting are empty promises.

“Our leaders have been singing to us they are going to solve this water crisis, nothing has happened. They have promised to drill boreholes to solve this issue but we are yet to see anything,” she said.


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