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Machete Wielding Goons Attack Elderly Land Owners In Kayole

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Land and home owners in Sosian in Kayole area are living in fear of harassment and attacks by goons and land grabbers in the area.

The homeowners who include very elderly people say that on Thursday a group of about 100 machete wielding goons stormed the area in a bid to stop one home owner from erecting a wall on his land.

They say that the goons main aim is to scare the land owners and in turn scam other people into buying them.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News the home owners say they cannot put up any structures on their lands without an approach from a member of the cartels to pull the structures down.

“We cannot even erect walls on our pieces of land. On Thursday, about 100 goons armed with pangas, machetes and even guns came and brought down my wall,” claimed one resident.

“They brought down the wall under the watch of the area DCC. The government needs to explain to us if they gave us fake title deeds or if there is another government that is being run by plain clothed machete wielding youths,” cried another citizen.

They claim that the cartels are working with the area OCPD and OCS and have even given them some pieces of grabbed lands.

An elderly woman who spoke to Ghetto Radio news says that she was once attacked in her home by the goons who threatened to hack her if she did not leave her home.

She now fears that the goons might resort to raping helpless women like her if they do not vacate their lands.

“Where are the police to protect us? We fear that they might rape us and our children, because they even beat people we have hired as security,” cried the elderly woman.



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