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  • Mafikizolo singer Mafu suffering from hearing loss.
  • Mafu was embarrassed to come out and speak about it
  • Nhlanhla Mafu is one half of celebrated South African Afro-pop music duo Mafikizolo.

Mafikizolo singer Nhlanhla Nciza Mafu has opened up about dealing with hearing loss.

The singer, who is one half of the South African music duo revealed this in a video posted on her Instagram page.

“I was really embarrassed to just say that, you know, I’m having this problem until I realized that I’m doing this for my own good,” she said.

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She added, “I needed to do it because the longer I let it go, the longer my hearing keeps getting worse and worse and worse.”

Mafu also admitted that she was embarrassed at one point, to speak about her problem.

“When I have interviews and, you know, I’m with my partner Theo, and he always has to repeat the question, and even when I’m sometimes just chilling with friends, sometimes I would just laugh without even knowing what people are laughing about or be agreeable basically to everything because I can’t hear.”

~Nhlanhla Nciza Mafu

Watch the video down below:

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