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Magix Enga goes after Nigerian Singer Olamide over stolen beats

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Kenyan producer Magix Enga has vowed to delete Nigerian singer Olamide’s hit song Motigbana.

Magix Enga now says the beats used in the song are his, arguing that he created the project files to those beats two years ago.

“Olamide, I also give you one week. (Olamide Pia Nakupa 1 Week). My project file is two years old, your song is one year on YouTube. Otherwise, you can call and explain by the end of this week,” he said

Magix Enga has been on Bongo star Harmonize’s case since the singer dropped his son ‘Uno’

According the producer, Harmonize stole his beats hence the complaint he filled at Youtube to have the song deleted from the music platform.

‘Uno’ was later pulled off from Youtube pending investigations into the producers claims.

After going after Harmonize online users accused the producer of also lifting the beats from Motigbana.

He has however shut down the allegations saying he owns the original beats to the song.

Olamide’s song premiered on Youtube on Aug 15, 2018 and already enjoys well over 20 million views.

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