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Magix Enga says he was threatened by Gun wielding men


Music producer Magix Enga now says that he had downed his tools in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

In a post shared online Magix said he has made the decision to quit music because his life is in danger.

The beat-maker had previously said that he had noticed five people with a gun following him in broad daylight and that he was left frightened.

“Pray for me I don’t know who’s following me ?? 5 Guys with guns on Day time .. this happened to me last time I thought it was a joke but now this is serious” he wrote

He went to add in another post that he is leaving the entertainment industry because it has become messy.

He also cautioned his fans not to book sessions with him on Facebook because his account was hacked.

“I’m just a guy from Nakuru ? Nilikuja Nairobi na bag na tshirt kutafuta but now I’m done with entertainment .. Nimewacha Mziki ? no more Magix Enga on The Beat because I’m really afraid of death can’t die now ..I will make a good video kama nimetulia then I will share on my YouTube channel. Mungu alinde wasanii also remember my Facebook page with 60k likes was hacked so don’t book fake sessions online.” He said

It is not yet clear if the information is true or if Magix is pulling a publicity stunt since he is also known to pull those.

All posts on his Instagram account have also since been pulled down.