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Magoha warns school heads planning to help KCSE candidates cheat

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By Jacob Oluoch

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has sent a warning to school officials planning to help candidates cheat in the KCSE exams that started today.

Magoha says that he is aware of school heads plans to send police officers manning the examinations to sit at the gate as they help candidates cheat.

 While was addressing the Press in Kisumu, Magoha said that the future of the children is not negotiable and any official found going against the set rules will be arrested and thrown to the cells.

As a security concern, each school must have two officers, one stationed where the exam papers are while the other one patrols.

He said schools with a bigger number of candidates will have  more officers.

“One officer should be stationed at the exam centre while the other  patrols. This will not just be a patrol because as I speak to you here, there is a small number  of school officials  who are planning to do the KCSE examination for the candidate in rooms they have organized,” said CS Magoha.

“If they think they are bold enough, let them proceed. We will arrest them and throw them in jail till exams end,” he warned.

He further urged the candidates to feel relaxed and free to do the papers.

Magoha also asked center managers to ensure that they pick the right exams papers.

“Centre  managers should confirm if they are carrying the right papers with the right content. Don’t just go and pick  examination package which you in turn come and complain that it is not right exam papers or some papers are missing. Confirm the missing pages at the station and if you come up with this later, just go and get them from where you took them,” he said.


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