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Magoha’s Reaction On The School Fires Was Too Slow – Educationists


Educationists have blamed Education CS George Magoha of failing to act swiftly on the first High School fire hence the current spread to other schools.

Nominated MCA Mary Ariviza who is also a former teacher says that should Magoha have taken a swift stern action on the face case, the fires would have been contained.

According to Ariviza, criminal action should be taken on the students to avoid a future wanton destruction of school property built by struggling parents.

“Unfortunately the Ministry of Education did not take the right action. They needed to have taken very stern action once the first school was burnt. They needed to have taken very stern action on the culprits who did that and not close the schools,” says Ariviza.

“By stern action I mean take the culprits to court. Because someone who decides to burn a school dormitory that has cost millions to build is a criminal,” she says.


Meanwhile Ariviza has joined calls by other educationists to have the government re-introduce corporal punishment in schools in a bid to solve the ongoing burning of dormitories by High School students.

Ariviza claims that she knows many schools with high discipline that are still continuing with corporal punishment.

“We cannot allow these people to go scot free because when we let them burn the school and allow them to go scot free that means that when they become leaders they will burn the whole country. If we cannot return the cane then let’s ban boarding schools,” she said.

According to her, if the government cannot return corporal punishment in schools, then it should ban boarding schools.

Meanwhile police have been allowed to hold six Maranda High School students accused of burning a 500 dormitory capacity on Sunday night.