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Magufuli Is No Joke!! Diamond Platnumz Ordered To Report At Police Station Again!!!

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It is barely a fortnight ago since Diamond Platnumz’ name appeared on drug trafficking suspects in the 255, before the likes of TID and Wema Sepetu were thrown behind bars.

Diamond was summoned to report at the Central Police station but the internet never witnessed any of that though.

In the midst of the scandal, only the Wema Sepetu’s case turned out serious after she was caught with a small piece of marijuana.

With evidence at hand the beauty queen spent 6 days on cold floor before her lawyer saved the day and she was released on bail.

All that while, the Rolls Royce superstar was riding high on his latest collabo with Ne-yo, “Marry You”. The song was doing great as it had generated more than 1.6 million views in 48 hours. Despite the excitement from the Collabo, Diamond was having a good time with his baby Mama Zari who had just landed from South Africa for their son’s 40 days face unveiling.

Exitement took the better part of him and that’s where he broke traffic rules without even noticing it.

A video that has since been deleted from his account captures him driving without fastening his seat belt whilst the song “Marry You” was playing at the background as he sang along Zari. It is then that he lets free his sterling and starts dancing.

His haters might have been on his case and this clip just presented a perfect chance to have him arrested and charged with careless driving.

That is what happened by the way and it seems the authorities also ordered him to announce his offense to the public, serving as a best example.

In an Instagram post, Diamond admits to  paying a hefty fine amount.

“Earlier today when i went to report a the HQ of traffic police due to the clip was posted am driving the car without fastening my seat belt…. my dear fans and Friends make sure you fasten your seat belt before you start driving your car…,” he captioned after swallowing a bitter pill.

He later opted to admit his mistakes in Swahili for  either two obvious reasons;

He either felt his English was broken (isnt it?)or his Tanzanian fanbase are more conversant with Swahili than English;

“Leo nilireport kituo kikuu cha polisi wa usalama barabarani kutokana na Vidoe Clip tuliyopost naendesha gari barabarani bila kufunga mkanda na pia kuachia usukani na kucheza…. Nikapewa Onyo na Kulipa faini kulingana ya Mujibu wa sheria… tafadhali watanzania na Vijana wenzangu… tuhakikishe tunafunga mikanda pindi tupandapo na tuendeshapo Magari Maana ni Hatari kwa Maisha yetu na inaweza kukupeleka kunyea debe pia…?.’

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