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Mailu Tells Doctors To Stop Lying About CBA

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Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr. Cleopa Mailu has expressed disappointment in the doctors’ hard line stand of not accepting nothing less than the CBA.

Speaking while receiving a petition from demonstrators over the health crisis Dr.Mailu has insisted that the demands being made by the doctors are not tenable in the current wage bill.

Mailu has also asked doctors to stop lying to Kenyans about equipment in hospitals while the strike is all about their remuneration.

“The stand which has been taken puts the government in a very difficult position when you seek that which you cannot be given and you say it must be given. It is wrong for a doctor to lie to Kenyans saying that we cannot give you better services because there is no equipment. That lie must stop, they are seeking better remuneration for themselves,” says Mailu.

Kenyans who had marched at Afya House to serve the CS with the petition pushing for affordable health care and a resolve of the current health crisis.




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