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Majengo Boy Murdered By Serial Killer Buried At 4am, Mother Angry


The mother of the young boy from Majengo who was killed by a serial killer failed to give her son a befitting send off over cultural clash with her husband.

Mutuku Grace Mwilu a kamba reportedly clashed with her husband from Khwisero, Kakamega County over the 4 am burial of their son.

According to mourners who attended the funeral the 4 am burial of her son without eulogy session and sharing of the word by pastor was akin to throwing out her son.

“We left Nairobi at 12 mid day then arrived in Western Kenya at around 2 am. The burial ceremony was conducted at 4 am something that shocked us all,” said a mourner who attended the burial.

According to the mourner, Mwilu, the mother of the boy was shocked at the turn of events saying that she was not briefed and that no one had informed her of anything.

“We have never seen anything like that, in Kamba land we bury dead bodies at 2pm, the pastor preaches before the body is laid to rest,” said the mourner.

The incident reportedly created tension between the mother of the boy and the father forcing the mother to prematurely end her trip to Western.

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The Luhya culture apparently dictates that somebody who has been murdered should be buried at 4 am so that his spirits can haunt his killers.


The 12 year old boy, Julius Mutuku was killed by serial killer Masden Milimu Wanjala.

Wanjala had also confessed to killing three other boys and even directed the DCI officers where he had buried their bodies.

According to the investigators, Wanjala was only 16 years old when he killed his first victim, a 12-year old girl he kidnapped in Machakos.

Wanjala is currently in police custody.