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Majengo Man Making Love To Demons

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A 47 year old man from Majengo slums is seeking help after what he terms as years of being taunted by demons.

attack The demons are believed to be living spirits that affects someones’ normal being  in one way or the other.

Ali Rajab 47 year old From Majengo Mashimoni slums is an embodiment and a victim of the majini but in a special way.

According to him the demons have swept away his parents and his older brother in a period of two years.  Rajab claims that at some point the demons force him to make love to them.

“ I  rarely sleep at night and whenever i close my eyes i make love with the demons something that stresses me so much,” Rajab added.

His wife divorced him last year after discovering that he was possessed by hefty demons.

The situation has  turned his life from something to nothing as he can not go back to his daily hustles, due to deep depression.

Ali says he has tried seeking the help of demon exorcists in Majengo popularly known as Rukias to no success.






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